Here are some tips and advice to help you prepare for pre-wedding photography in Singapore. Of course, things are easier when you engage a good studio in Singapore like There are some advice which are specifically for couples who are having their photoshoot in Singapore.

First of all, Singapore is a very humid country. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, you would know this once you step out into the warm and moist air throughout the year. This also means that you would easily perspire e.t.c. Always bring a towel with you to your wedding photoshoot. For the groom, don’t act ‘manly’ and end up screwing up your wedding photo by refusing to bring / use a towel to wipe away your perspiration during the photoshoot.

Secondly, it is important to know that although Singapore is small and you can plan out the locations you want to go to for your outdoor wedding photography on the spot/day itself, you should always plan out at least a few months in advance. This is because there are some rarely known places in Singapore which are actually gorgeous for wedding photography, but which cannot be found online easily and which most people don’t know much about.

Third of all, talk to the photographer! You did not hire him or her just to be silent and take photographs on the actual day of the shoot. You can ask him/her or the studio for advice on how to look better for the photoshoot or for inspiration on the types of photographs you can take. A truly valuable wedding photographer will provide you with lots of valuable advice and tips due to his/her experience.

Fourth of all, it’s super important to know that Singapore’s weather is very unpredictable. This means that you should always have a back up plan for the photoshoot locations OR be prepared to pay extra for a reschedule in the event that it needs to happen and if the studio / photographer charges for a reschedule.

Finally, learn how to smile. Most people smile awkwardly in photographs. Only a few people know exactly how to give that megawatt smile you see so often in Hollywood celebrities’ photographs.

AD wedding photography in Singapore can be very different from that of other countries, and one thing for sure is that there is a lot of travelling for the wedding photographer to do.

In countries outside of Singapore, most of the times, the entire ceremony from the morning is held at the same place till the night. This can either be at a posh hotel or a faraway farm house. However, for couples getting married in Singapore, the groom will first visit the bride at her parents’ house, and vice versa. They would then usually go out for a day photo shoot. Finally, everyone would gather again at a dinner banquet. It is a full day event all across Singapore for couples getting married in Singapore.

That is one of the reasons why if you were to look at the photographs taken by AD photographers in Singapore, the backdrop would be vastly different throughout the entire day! If you’re looking for a good AD photography studio, you should engage Grandeur Wedding Studio – you can check out their portfolio here.

A good photographer will be following the couple around, but will not intrude into the day’s events. There are some photographers will be loud and obnoxious and try to rile the crowd up. Unless the photographer is sure the couple likes that, he or she should definitely not do that… especially in Singapore where couples prefer the photographer simply taking beautiful images right beside them, while remaining ‘hidden’.

I personally find actual day wedding photography in Singapore truly exciting. There are people who prefer pre wedding photo shoots, but in my opinion, I think candid photographs look better. Thus, I prefer AD photographs as they’re mostly candid photographs taken during the day’s events.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say. What do you think? Shoot me an email and let me know!

Hey, many people have emailed me, constantly asking me to review Grandeur. In any case, if you haven’t heard of them, they’re a new but increasingly popular wedding photography studio in Singapore with top notch photographers and videographers. In any case, let me review them as follows:

  • Grandeur wedding studio, despite their name, is not an indoor wedding photography studio company in Singapore. They’re actually a company which specializes in outdoor wedding photography and videography services in Singapore.
  • Let us first talk about their photography services. They provide photography services in Singapore locally for couples for their ROM ceremony, pre-wedding as well as actual day ceremony and events. They provide rather wholesome services, and if you’re already planning to engage someone for all 3 events (ROM, pre-wedding and actual day), you may as well get Grandeur Wedding Studio to help you since they offer services for all three. Not every good photographer or photography studio will provide such services for all such events.
  • Grandeur also provides wedding videography services for couples on the 3 occasions as mentioned above. The only thing is that they do not publicly showcase their video portfolio on their website, but I have requested for their portfolio before, and they gave me readily. I would have to say that the sheer quality of their wedding videography is stunning and their response time is amazingly fast too. (I sent them on a weekend night and they still replied me within the hour! At least, I think that’s fast lol.)
  • They actually have partnerships across Singapore with many other companies related to wedding matters such as car rental and wedding gown rental. Grandeur does offer you favorable rates on the services provided by their partner companies if you signed up with their wedding photography or videography package, and in my opinion, this is a big plus for the budget conscious or savvy couples in Singapore.

My verdict on Grandeur Wedding: Do give them a try, I would say that you wouldn’t regret it. If you’re afraid, at least email or call them and ask them about their services. You would likely be impressed by their sales and customer service support staff and either refer people to them or use them yourself if applicable.

Cheers, hope I helped those people who kept emailing me.

To complement your pre wedding photos, you should get a wedding video as well. Most of the wedding photography studios are able to shoot wedding videos for customers too. In fact, a lot of wedding photography studios in Singapore bundle wedding photography and videography services into a single wedding service package.

It is common for married couples to own a wedding video in Singapore now. Like wedding photographs, a wedding video is increasingly seen as indispensable and essential wedding service to get for married couples.

There are two types of wedding video – pre wedding video and actual day wedding video.

A pre wedding video is similar to the pre wedding photographs. Couples can brainstorm together with the wedding videographer to decide on the theme and story line for the wedding video. After that, the couples will act out the story line and be the stars in the wedding video. Usually, pre wedding video will portray the love story of the couples. Combining the beautiful effects of audio and video capabilities, the wedding video will serve as a great reminder to the couples of their love story. It will be a precious item for the couples.

An actual day wedding video is similar to the actual day photographs. The actual day wedding video captures the happenings throughout the actual wedding day in sequence. Usually, it is compressed into 30 minutes of run time. Only the important and interesting events will be highlighted during this 3- minutes of wedding video.

Both pre wedding video and actual day wedding video can be played during the actual wedding banquet in front of invited guests. The wedding videos will be cut down to a maximum of 10 minutes to really show the interesting events that happened to entertain the guests. Like most of the other guests, I am always intrigued and deeply entertained by the screening of wedding videos during the actual day wedding banquet. Couples can be sure that it is one way to delight the guest and leave them with lasting impression of your blissful marriage.

Of course, if you look back at your own wedding video, you will be most deeply affected by the video.

Some couples in Singapore still choose not to take pre-wedding photography and that is a big mistake in my opinion.

When Singapore pre-wedding photography services are priced so attractively at only $2000 to $3000, you cannot go wrong with a pre-wedding photoshoot and the following are reasons why!

  1. Wedding is a once in a lifetime chance – are you going to regret having taken a pre-wedding photo shoot or not having taken such a photoshoot more 10 years down the road? Chances are, you will be wishing you had invested that little money into engaging a prewedding photographer for yourself. Don’t have regrets, that’s the most painful thing in life.
  2. Second of all, a pre-wedding photoshoot is really fun! You are probably at one of the most blissful moments in your life, and you and your fiance are now able to take the best and most memorable photographs of your life! Imagine those days where you had to take selfies whenever you were at a beautiful place or had something important. Pre-wedding photography is the combination of all that – someone will help you take photographs at a beautiful location for your important day.
  3. Did you know that one of the best ways to make a relationship last long is to create beautiful memories together? It is not so much the material things (though they certainly help) but memories which really brings a couple close together even after many years of marriage. Therefore, create the most beautiful memories with a prewedding photography session with your fiance and you will be thanking me for this advice in future.
  4. Finally, check out the following video showing a couple who had their pre wedding photography in Singapore. Don’t their images look simply beautiful? I love it.

Here are some of the best advice and tips that I can possibly give you when you are choosing a suitable bridal gown boutique in singapore.

First and foremost, you should work out what is your budget. There are many designer wedding dresses which can easily make you break your budget or go broke if you do not know your own budget beforehand. Find out what’s your budget, and then shortlist a list of bridal gown boutique stores in Singapore which falls into that range.

The second tip is to find out if you can get a free trying on of the gowns. Usually, bridal gown boutiques in Singapore will let you try up to 1 or 2 gowns without charging you any money. Make the best use of these trying on. The reason they charge you for more than 1 or 2 tries is because they would need to send the dresses for dry cleaning and that would cost them money. Always ask your wedding dress boutique for free trying on.

The third tip of the day for you is to ask the boutique if they will courier the dress to your place on the morning of the actual photo shoot or marriage ceremony, or if you need to pick it up yourself. Even for picking up, you will also need to ask them if you can pick it up on the spot (e.g. the day you rent the wedding gown(s)) or you can only pick it up on the day of the shoot and return it by the end of the day. Make sure to find a wedding gown boutique which suits your requirements.

Take note that not every boutique store in Singapore offers suits for grooms. Therefore, if your groom needs a suit, make sure to ask the wedding gown boutique and find out if they offer it. Otherwise, the groom needs to get his own suit from elsewhere or you would need to pick a boutique that offers it as part of their wedding gown(s) rental package too.

My wife rented her wedding gown from Grandeur and I absolutely loved how ravishing she looked. If you want to look beautiful too, then rent your wedding gown(s) here from Grandeur Wedding Studio.

Wedding photography should be conducted by professional wedding photographers.

For the budget conscious people, do not let your budget compromise the quality of your wedding photographers. I understand that most of us will try to save as much money as possible by considering cheaper alternatives. However, there are some things which can be substituted and some things that just cannot be substituted. To give you an example, chauffeur services on your actual wedding date may be substituted by one of your buddies who have a driving license. This way, you will be saving the fee required to hire a chauffeur. However, wedding photography cannot be substituted by people who are not professional wedding photographers. Even if one of your friends is a photographer in general, if he is not specialized in wedding photography, he will not be able to produce the beautiful wedding images that we always see on the internet.

Always hire a professional wedding photographer to take beautiful wedding photographs for you. You can either find freelance wedding photographers or wedding photographers from wedding photography studios in Singapore. I will recommend Grandeur Wedding Studio for their splendid wedding photography skills. Check out their website for verification. A professional wedding photographer gets to where they are by practicing years of wedding photography under mentor-ship. Their wedding photography skills are simply something not just any photographer can replicate. Apart from photo taking, a professional wedding photographer will be able to carry out powerful photo edits on your wedding photographs to make them look better. People not in the wedding photography line may not know how to edit these wedding pictures well to produce great tone and ambiance perfect for wedding pictures.

By hiring a professional wedding photographer, you can be rest assured that the development of your wedding photographs is in great hands. Hence, you can concentrate on the other important events during your actual wedding date. Take care of your own job well by looking great during your wedding and your wedding photographer will do his job well too.

When you engage SG wedding photographer services, there are some things you need to note just in case you have never been to a wedding photography session or been a bridesmaid before.

There are two popular types of wedding photography services in Singapore, and they are pre-wedding photoshoots and actual day wedding photography.

  1. Pre-wedding photoshoots

These are usually taken at outdoor (e.g. not in a studio) locations in Singapore, and they are chosen by the couples who opt for such a pre-wedding photography package. There may be times where you see a couple in their wedding attire – the bride in her gown and the groom in his suit, and taking photographs. These are couples who are having their pre-wedding photography session. Common places for prewedding photography in Singapore are Gardens by the Bay, Hort Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens e.t.c.

If you have seen couples sharing their posed wedding photographs on their Facebook profile or going to your friends’ houses and seeing framed images of them in their wedding attire, chances are, these images are from their prewedding photography.

Most of the time, there is only one pre-wedding photographer during the session itself.

  1. Actual day wedding photography services

As you can possibly already tell from the name itself, actual day (AD) wedding photoshoots are basically services rendered by a professional photographer on the actual day of the wedding ceremony and he or she will be capturing the images and happenings of the couple and the guests.

AD wedding photographs in Singapore are usually candid shots taken by the wedding photographer, and are not posed as they are simply snapshots of what happened during the actual wedding day.

For AD wedding photography services in singapore, there is usually one main professional photographer with an assistant.