Here are some of the very best exercises for girls to lose belly fat.

First of all, leg raises. This is the best exercise to train the abdominals directly. This is because leg raises will train both the upper AND lower abs – something that useless crunches can’t. There is leg raises and alternating leg raises. You can perform either. I personally prefer normal (both legs) leg raises, so I do them instead.

Second of all, planks.¬†Normal planks and side planks (both right and left side) are awesome for firming up your core. Also, it’s a great exercise for your lower back. This is important because you don’t want to just workout one muscle group without working out the opposing muscle group (e.g. your lower back and your abs). You want to be strong on both ends so that you will maintain a good posture as well as develop stronger abdominal muscles (don’t worry about looking bulky – it has more to do with your diet). Control your ‘muscle tone’ through dieting.

Third of all, interval sprinting. Interval sprinting is the best exercise for fat loss overall across the body. It is a great time saver compared to jogging, and is easily scalable (e.g. easy to incorporate progressive overload into the exercise), which makes it that much better than jogging (which is honestly useless – that’s why you see so many¬†women who jog are still fat).

If you’re interested in losing arm fat instead, then check this post out.

Here are some of the best social media profiles you should be following if you are a woman who wants to lose weight.

1. First of all, it would be Blogilates. One of the more famous coaches on YouTube, Blogilates is mainly about how to use healthy living and pilates to get yourself into shape and have an enviable body. Although it’s not really a weight loss channel, it’s still a highly recommended channel for women to follow if you want to lose weight or get into shape.

2. Second of all, it would be AlvinChua91 Women Weight Loss Coach on Instagram. One of the fastest growing accounts on Instagram, AlvinChua91 is mainly about inspiring women to get into slim and great shape and feeling good as a result of it. His channel leverages on the tagline – look good, feel good. If you want to get inspired, you need to follow AlvinChua91 as he shares weight loss motivational tips and help daily.

3. Third of all, it would be Dr Oz. One of the more famous TV personalities, Dr Oz clearly has lots of tips to give when it comes to health in general. He does give weight loss tips to women, but his channel is more towards health oriented, as he’s a doctor after all, and not a personal trainer.

Did you know that one of the hardest things when it comes to weight loss is not dieting or exercising, but choosing not to give up even when you feel like it every single day until you succeed in losing weight and achieving a slim body?

I know it can be difficult, that’s why it’s so important to stay motivated and inspired daily by watching transformational clips and pictures.

Check out the awesome video I found on the Internet below which inspires men and women worldwide to believe in their weight loss goals!

Losing arm fat is easy, especially underarm fat. I know it feels ridiculously hard and nearly impossible to you, but if you know the key elements to losing arm fat successfully, it’s easy. Let me share with you the tips I learnt from AlvinChua91.

1. Although people say that spot reduction doesn’t work, nobody said that you should not workout your arms if you want to look better there! Remember, that even as you lose your body fat, if you do not have toned and slim muscles underneath, then you will simply look bony and unattractive. You want to look slim and attractive. Therefore, lose the fat and build some slim muscles underneath.

2. Now I know that some women are afraid of building bulky muscles. To prevent that, you will need to control your diet and make sure that you’re in a caloric deficit. As long as you’re in a caloric deficit, it is nearly impossible to build bulky muscles. Additionally, workout using body weight exercises only. Do not use weighted bodyweight exercises.

3. Some of the best arm exercises to lose arm fat is actually push ups and pull ups (incline pull ups if full pull ups are too difficult for you).