Women Weight Loss Tip – Losing Flabby Arm Fat!

Losing arm fat is easy, especially underarm fat. I know it feels ridiculously hard and nearly impossible to you, but if you know the key elements to losing arm fat successfully, it’s easy. Let me share with you the tips I learnt from AlvinChua91.

1. Although people say that spot reduction doesn’t work, nobody said that you should not workout your arms if you want to look better there! Remember, that even as you lose your body fat, if you do not have toned and slim muscles underneath, then you will simply look bony and unattractive. You want to look slim and attractive. Therefore, lose the fat and build some slim muscles underneath.

2. Now I know that some women are afraid of building bulky muscles. To prevent that, you will need to control your diet and make sure that you’re in a caloric deficit. As long as you’re in a caloric deficit, it is nearly impossible to build bulky muscles. Additionally, workout using body weight exercises only. Do not use weighted bodyweight exercises.

3. Some of the best arm exercises to lose arm fat is actually push ups and pull ups (incline pull ups if full pull ups are too difficult for you).

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